Drapery Cleaning Service for Living Room

Manifest A Perfecting Vibe With Best-Quality Drapery For Living Room Orange County

Planning to give your living room curtains a quick makeover?

Wondering how to pick the best match?

The choice for curtains or draperies, especially for the living room goes all the way beyond colors and patterns. Drapery is a much necessary staple for perfecting your living room décor and the wrong selection can break the whole vibe. Thus, other vital factors like materials, lengths, and hardware need to focus.

Beach City Blinds, being one of the leading window dressing dealers in Orange County California, brings you a complete guide on how to choose the best Drapery For Your Living Room Orange County. Considering both decorative approaches and practicality, alongside privacy concerns, lighting needs, and energy-saving benefits; we’ll be helping you make a utilitarian decision.

Guide To Choose Right Curtains For The Living Room

  1. Functionality:

Quality draperies can efficiently regulate the light and temperature in your living area. Thus, the functionality of the curtains always comes as the first consideration aspect while making a choice.

Dwell on your practical needs like how much privacy do you need, the size of your living room, you want to achieve a minimalistic look or a rich look, budget-friendly options or customized services, etc., and then make a deal.

  1. Designs:

After the functionality, design is the second most important aspect of window drapes and curtains. The most trending and popular types of window drapes are:

  • Back Tap Drapery
  • Café Curtains
  • Grommet Drapery
  • Pinch Pleat Drapes
  • Pleat Drapery
  • Ripple Fold Drapes
  • Rod Pocket Curtains
  • Tab Top Curtains

Each type of drape has individual qualities to highlight your living room’s interior, decors, and architecture. Also, don’t forget to mix and match the colors, fabrics, styles, and patterns to pull off the best look.

  1. Privacy:

Sometimes, the major aim of installing curtains is to get more privacy. If confidentiality is your major concern, then consider buying privacy lining to get an enhanced light filtering and superior privacy as well. The best types of draperies for privacy are:

  • Blackout Curtains
  • Double-Layered Curtains
  • Lined Drapes
  • Solid Color Draperies

Who Are We?

Beach City Blinds is an Orange County based, family-owned, and operated brand, specializing in premier customized window treatments and dressings. Since 2004, we have been serving in Los Angeles, Orange City, and nearby areas with the highest quality, trendy, and affordable solutions for window dressing and covering.

Our store boasts an endless selection of lavishing, premium, beautiful, and functional window treatments that suit every style, budget, décor, and privacy preference. No matter if you want to add style, functionality, or both to your living areas; we got the best options covered for you.

Alongside this, we also offer essential services like Drapery Cleaning Service Orange County. We have a team of experts, to serve you fully customizable, and on-time cleaning services for residential, commercial, and industrial windows.