With today’s smart technology, motorized window coverings are becoming almost standard with low voltage wire outlets built in the window frames.

Motorized window coverings  are one of the trendiest applications for modern households,High on durability, utility, functionality, and aesthetics, they have become a popular choice for window dressing in both commercial and residential properties in urban areas.

At Beach City Blinds, you can find an extensive selection of motorized window coverings , offered in a range of colors, fabrics, and features. Depending on the style you pick, it can completely block the light inbound and ensure optimal peace ,privacy and insulation.

Our Forte

At Beach City Blinds, we assure you of an unforgettable experience of surfing through nearly endless choices for custom motorized blinds. As a leading window covering  dealer, we always focus on delivering a peerless, all-in-one, and high-end customer experience, right from the moment of your initial FREE in-home consultation with us right through to product selection, measurement, and installation.

Why Shop With Us?

  • We have the most advanced and popular types of motorized window coverings to offer . All of our items  can be operated easily, and come with added functionalities.
  • As a company, Beach City Blinds is a strong believer and promoter of environment-friendliness. Thus, all of our motorized window coverings  are energy-efficient and are great at increasing your home’s competence.
  • They provide you seamless ability to regulate light and privacy while optimizing your home’s insulation capability. We guaranty you optimum lighting efficiency with all our motorized window blinds.
  • Beach City Blinds provides a free design consultation service. We have a team of experts on board to understand your unique needs, your interior decors, and deliver you the best-customized window blinds.
  • Whether you own a smart home or simply going smart,with the motorized blinds we will  help you make the right choice. We can seamlessly integrate into both smart and traditional homes.
  • When integrated with smart lighting, our motorized blinds maximize your home’s lighting effects and cut down on electricity usage. You can use the blinds to trigger smart lighting to turn on or off.