Plantation Interior Window Shutters

The History of Plantation Shutters

The origin of plantation shutters happened in the South, designated to shun away heat from large-sized plantation homes. It was invented way before air conditioning was even conceptualized and was quite a popular choice for window and door dressing in the earliest days.

Today, with the touch of modernity, technological advancements, and some great addition of colors, textures, styles, and patterns, Interior Shutters For Windows Orange County is again back into trend. It adds an elegant touch to your space, while effectively deflecting heat and directing airflow.

Beach City Blinds, being one of the finest Window Shutters Dealers in Orange County; brings you a supreme collection of interior shutters, to cater to your interior decors and budget as well. We are dedicated to providing best-in-class shutters.

Reasons To Choose Plantation Shutters For Your Windows

Here at Beach City Blinds, we understand how complicated and confusing it can be to choose the right plantation shutters. Thus, here we’ve compiled a list of the major benefits that plantation shutters can give you once installed. Check them out below:

  • Plantation shutters provide better light control than regular curtains. It regulates the distribution of natural light in your space, thus reducing your utility bills.
  • They are highly energy efficient. High-Quality Plantation Shutters Orange County has heat-retaining attributes which diminish the need for artificial lights.
  • Alongside superior energy efficiency, Plantation shutters also offer greater convenience of easy maintenance. With minor dusting and vacuuming, shutters can last for years.
  • High-performing plantation shutters are very much long-lasting and durable. Even direct exposure to the dust, sun, and changing temperatures can’t miff the shutters.
  • Plantation Shutters For Sliding Doors and windows can tone with a plethora of interior colors, decors, and designs. They are good-looking, all-time classic-favorite, and often come with a timeless design.

Beach City Blinds – The Best Place To Buy Plantation Shutters In Orange City

Beach City Blinds, being the Best Plantation Shutter dealer in Orange County, deals with customized shutters, we also boasts many other contemporary window coverings like blinds, shades, and drapery, roman shades, woven shades, bamboo shades, and motorized shades for commercial, residential, industrial, and multifamily applications.

The success of Beach City Blinds is directly related to its unparalleled commitment to quality, dedication to customer satisfaction, and assurance for the lowest pricing on all products and services. Our product catalog features an end-to-end collection of quality, trendy, modern, and classic decorative shutters for both commercial and residential spaces.

What’s So Special About Beach City Blinds?

We are the one-of-its-kind for the Los Angeles market to deal with such a large range of window dressings like curtains, drapery, blinds, woven shades, bamboo shades, roman and roller shades, and Interior Shutters For Windows Orange County. All our products present a remarkable blend of quality, durability, great aesthetic appeal, and seamless texture of luxury window dressing.

In the last couple of years, we not only have cemented our position as the Best Place To Buy Plantation Shutters, but also have successfully collaborated with thousands of new sellers and consumers from all over the world. Our continuous pursuit for absolute perfection and to be the best in terms of quality are the keystones of our success.

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