Natural Woven wood and Bamboo Shades

Natural Woven wood and Bamboo Shades

Pros and Cons of Natural Woven Wood Shades.

Eager to freshen up your home design? Changing out the window treatments is a simple, budget-friendly move that will make a big impact. The only question is: Which style of window covering is most aligned with your vision and needs?

The different colors of bamboo can add an exotic, beachy look to a room for a more bohemian style, or you can choose a more classic color and design scheme to blend in with your room.

The use of texture in home interior design has been extremely popular over the past several years.

The Good The Bad and The Ugly.

Natural Shades are materials such as grass, bamboo, jute, thin strips of wood and sometimes even paper.

This unique look is what draws many homeowners to natural shades – your  shade will look like no one else’s exactly.

The natural materials also add texture to any room, imparting a “bringing the outdoors in” vibe to a room. They can work in nearly any home, from Victorian traditional to Asian modern; simply choosing a shade made from one material or another can drastically change the look of the treatment.

Fabric Lining.

Adding a lining will increase the privacy for sheer choices or decrease the light using a room darkening lining.

Lining can also enhance the look  by contrasting with the weave of the shade and accenting its texture.

Do you need crisp clean flawless looking shades?

If you need a shade that is clean, neat and tidy with few variables, a woven wood shade is not the right choice for you.

Woven wood,Bamboo or  grass shades aren’t for everyone. The very same natural materials that appeal to one homeowner may drive another one crazy!

You need to be happy with a shade that has its own unique look and character.

This unevenness may create larger gaps in the shade.

However, you may enjoy a one-of-a-kind look, full of texture, variations and natural character.

Add Texture & Warmth.

When it comes to comfy and appealing at the same time, woven woods do what no other material can offer.

In addition to bringing a unique level of texture to your space, natural wood can go with just about any type of decor you can imagine.

If you are looking to create a modern masterpiece, complete with clean and bright lines,woven wood blinds can be the perfect compliment to your style.

Natural  blinds tend to work well in just about any setting you can imagine, the organic texture they  bring to a room can really make the design come to life.

Perfect For A Relaxed Atmosphere:

One of the benefits of woven shades is that they are built to allow partial light into your room. This makes them perfect for environments where you don’t want entire darkness, but still want limited shade.

Light & Bright.

No one wants to feel like they are walking into a tomb whenever they, and that’s where Natural woven wood blinds come in.

While having a window treatment option in  to help you allow in more natural light is a wonderful feeling, the trade-off is often that you lose a bit of privacy for your home in the process. With woven wood blinds, however, those concerns can be a thing of the past.

With woven wood blinds, you can have both natural light, and privacy in your home at the level that you and you require.

Woven wood blinds tend to filter the harsh sunlight coming into your home, helping to eliminate glare while still allowing natural light into your home, even when they are fully closed.

Enjoy all of the natural light you want, custom fit woven woods can provide the privacy you need.

This makes woven wood blinds perfect for areas like your living room or your bedrooms.

Custom Controls:

Cordless or motorized operation can be added for everyday convenience, safety and easy operation on hard-to-access windows.

Top-down bottom-up lift is also available to afford maximum light & privacy control.


Woven wood window shades are made with organic materials like bamboo,grass and jute. Therefore, they’re perfect for creating a nature-inspired, bohemian vibe in any room.

Choose from a wide selection of colors and textures to complement other design features in your space.

Bamboo,  is a  fast growing plant that can repopulate quicker than most trees,so it’s an easy material to get.

Woven wood vertical shades advantages:

Natural shades are lighter in weight than some other types of window treatments, so they can be installed in most windows.


In addition, natural materials are susceptible to changes due to sunlight and moisture levels.

Over time natural shades may warp or fade, changes are a part  of a “living” shade if you install them.






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